Block World BGM

The Block World is one of the 12 original locations accessible directly from The Nexus.
It is an openly-looping world filled with many violet, indigo and white geometric blocks. The blocks are seen from an isometric perspective, making the world tricky to navigate with Madotsuki's orthogonal movement.

The Aztec Rave Monkey can be seen in the scrolling parallax background.

Parallax Background in the Block World

Points of InterestEdit

  • The Hat and Scarf Effect is found here, by interacting with the hat and scarf on the floor near the centre of the map.
  • Mafurako lives here. She can teleport Madotsuki to the door to the White Desert when interacted with.
  • The Men's Restroom can also be found here. Madotsuki can use it.
  • There is a Bed that Madotsuki can use to reach the Underground World.




  • In v0.04 and v0.06:
  • The Block World somewhat resembles a computer motherboard, which may be the inspiration for the architecture seen there.

A motherboard. Notice the resemblance to the map above.

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