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Candle World (小人, Dwarf) is one of the 12 original locations accessible directly from the Nexus, through the patterned, gray door.

It is a large, openly-looping world with strange candles spread across the floor.

The parallax background of the area.

The music here has an unsettling, uneasy feel to accompany the equally strange atmosphere.

Points of Interest[]

The Midget effect can found be here, if you manage to catch the Dwarf that runs across the center of the map near a vaguely purple pyramid that takes the player to the Checkered Tile Path. The Toriningen here is notable for her unbelievable speed. When made lunatic, she blazes across the map eight times faster than Madotsuki's normal walking speed. She cannot be outrun by any means, and is able to keep pace with Madotsuki even when using the hyperspeed glitch. It is therefore inadvisable to even enter Candle World if any Toriningen have been angered.

The candles can be extinguished by stabbing them with the Knife effect, and they relight when the knife is put away. This can be used to avoid getting lost. There is a bed here that has a chance of teleporting the player to the Staircase of Hands. A group of Walking Candles can be found walking around near the center of the map.