The e-Man is an NPC that can be found in The Mall. He is sitting on a sofa in the room with an insane Toriningen at the counter. His head resembles a maroon mirrored letter "e" with a single maroon eye, and he has purple legs with maroon shoes. When Madotsuki uses the Cat effect, he will act like he's angry or uncomfortable. Madotsuki can also kill him by using the Knife effect, thus allowing her to sit on his sofa. He is similar to the o-Man in the Flute Room one room over.


On the wall behind e-man, there are two strange posters. The left poster depicts a crying face with a white tube extending from its mouth, while the right poster depicts a frowning mouth that appears to be drooling purple fluid. 




A parallax background bearing the likeness of the two characters

  • The parallax background in the Graffiti World somewhat resembles o-Man and e-Man, indicating a recurring significance of the characters.
  • The posters on the wall have been referenced in theories relating to Madotsuki's sexuality or past. The posters in the room have been noted to resemble acts of fellatio, which suggests that Madotsuki is familiar with the imagery. It is possible that this suggests that she has experienced or witnessed these sexual acts somewhere, which has made an impression on her and been mixed in with lots of other things in her mind.
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