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FC Dungeon is a part of a deeper FC location which can be accessed from FC World A. It consists of a dark cave that needs the Lamp effect to become visible, and there are lots of stairways making it a confusing maze.

Points of Interest[]

  • There is one Lizardman at the entrance. Another one can be found in the lower level standing in front of a statue with a deformed face. This room is notable for being lit up.
  • There are two types of walls: on the upper level there are walls decorated with red vomiting faces, and on the lower level they are decorated with purple smiling faces.
  • One of the dead ends has a 1/3 chance of triggering the Glitch event by interacting the side wall on the top-left.
  • On exit, the walls become monochromatic and you will be lead to the White Desert Underground Lagoon.