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The FC House (FC家) is a deeper location that is also one of the FC Worlds that is accessed from the Static Maze in Shield-Folk World. It's normally the first FC World that most of the players discover due to it being closest to the Nexus. When visiting the area, the player first comes across the FC Field, a small area with lots of trees and the FC House, when entering, the player goes down to the FC Basement (FC地下, FC Underground), where there are many branching paths.

Points of Interest[]

The FC Field has a cute melody BGM unlike most of the minor or negative BGM in the game. Not only that, but it's also a full song, rather than a short loop, being the only one in the game. Staircases in the FC Basement going up and right lead to a castle-like room with a few odd NPCs known as the Goblins, as well as a dead end in FC World A. The FC Demon's Room can be found in the deepest place under the FC Basement. Interacting with the FC Demon will give the player the Demon effect. There is a 1/8 chance in a certain room of FC World B that the same demon will appear, taking the player to this room upon interaction, without a way to return.



  • The FC Field area greatly resembles Ninten's House from the video game Mother.
  • The house's appearance was different in older versions.
    • In version 0.04, the house was larger and had a burgundy-colored roof.
    • By version 0.06, the house much more closely resembled its final appearance, but was still a tad thicker. The house remained this way up to version 0.09, and even retained the larger house's collision from version 0.04, meaning that the empty space between the trees and right side of the house could not be walked through.
  • Different trees were used outside and inside the house in older versions.
  • The music in the FC Basement and the Goblins' Room used different instrumentation in older versions.
FC Basement BGM (version 0.04)
Golbins BGM (version 0.04)
Golbins BGM (version 0.06)

  • There were less rooms in the FC Basement in version 0.04, including the FC Demon's Room. Despite not providing an effect at that point in development, the FC Demon can still be found in the first room of the FC House.