Mother 2 Concept Art

Concept art featuring Ness and his dog, King, standing in front of their home.

FC World(EarthBound)Edit

EarthBound, originally released as Mother 2: Gyiyg Strikes Back (MOTHER2 ギーグの逆襲 Mazā Tsū: Gīgu no Gyakushū?)[1] in Japan, is a role-playing video game co-developed by Ape and HAL Laboratory and published by Nintendo for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System video game console.

FC World House is EarthBound(standing in front of their home?)

2 Plot



After he goes to bed, he is then woken up by Pokey knocking at his door. He states that his little brother is missing, and he needs Ness' help to find him. Ness, along with his pet dog, King, accompany Pokey and set out for his younger brother.

After searching, they go to where the meteorite landed.

EarthBound(Meteorite) is The Blob(The Molten Meteor)?

Merutomaro(Star jelly)Edit

“Star jelly” (also called astromyxin, astral jelly, pwdr sêr, star rot, or star shot) is a gelatinous substance that, according to folklore, is deposited on the earth during meteor showers.[1][2]

Star jelly(deposited on the earth during meteor showers) is EarthBound(Meteorite?)
Enteridium lycoperdon, showing 'slime'

The False Puffball slime mold in its aethalioid jelly phase.

4 In fiction

Some observers have made a connection between Star Jelly and the movie The Blob, in which a gelatinous monster falls from space. The Blob which was released in 1958 was supposedly based on the Philadelphia reports[17]

FC World(Merutomaro)

FC World(Merutomaro)

Merutomaro(A white blob creature) is Star jelly(White Color?)

Merutomaro(The Blob)Edit

The Blob is an independently made 1958 American horror/science-fiction film that depicts a giant amoeba-like alien that came from outer space and terrorizes the small community of Downingtown, Pennsylvania.

The Blob (1958)

The Blob (1958). Trailer

"The Blob (1958). Trailer" by Craig Steves

The Blob poster

The Blob(Original film poster)

3 Production

The film was originally titled The Molten Meteor until producers overheard screenwriter Kay Linaker refer to the movie's monster as "the blob."[3]

The Blob(The Molten Meteor) is EarthBound(Meteorite?) and Merutomaro(Star jelly?)

FC World(Binary large object)Edit

A blob (alternately known as a binary large object, basic large object, BLOB, or BLOb) is a collection of binary data stored as a single entity in a database management system. Blobs are typically images, audio or other multimedia objects, though sometimes binary executable code is stored as a blob.

FC World(binary large object)

FC World(binary large object)

Binary large object(BLOB) is The Blob(Merutomaro?)

Merutomaro(The Blob)

Merutomaro(The Blob)

Kinoko-san(茸 (狂言))Edit


A mushroom(Kusabira) is a program of Kyōgen.



Out line

"何某(Japanese name)" was perplexed by returning, even if the big mushroom of a human like springs up all over a mansion and extracts how many times.
since -- a mountain priest -- a mushroom -- the mushroom increased the number and moved about, so that the mountain priest which has asked for however done the prayer of extermination recited mystic words.
It is to the panel which two persons are ousted to a mushroom and escapes at last --

FC World(Mushroom)

FC World(Mushroom)

"Yume Nikki - How to get the Demon" #1:30~1:48 by "ToraMaikeru"





A mushroom(Kusabira,Kin,Kinoko)

FC World(Demon Room)

FC World(Demon Room)

1 生物としてのキノコ


1  Mushroom as Living Thing

  • 1.1 Life circle
  • 1.2 nursing-ground place
  • 1.2.1 A mushroom and thunder

The talks of growing many mushrooms of the place struck by lightning are empirical rules to the extent that the philosopher of the Greek era and Plutarch describe.
This is considered to be shocking and for posterity's multiplication instinct to work from defense instinct according to the thunderbolt.
At the laboratory of many universities, the experiment by an artificial lightning is conducted, it gropes for utilization even in Japan, and the production increase effect by giving an electroshock has been acquired at some cultivation farmhouses [ some ] [5].

FC World(Trojan Horse)Edit

The Trojan Horse is a tale from the Trojan War about the subterfuge that the Greeks used to enter the city of Troy and end the conflict. In the canonical version, after a fruitless 10-year siege, the Greeks constructed a huge wooden horse, and hid a select force of men inside.


Sinon is brought to Priam, from folio 101r of the Roman Vergil

FC World(FC Castle Ramparts)

FC Castle Ramparts(Trojan horse)

FC World(Troy soldier)

Goblins(Troy soldier)

Goblins is Trojan Horse(Troy soldier?)

Metaphorically a "Trojan Horse" has come to mean any trick or stratagem that causes a target to invite a foe into a securely protected bastion or space. It is also associated with "malware" computer programs presented as useful or harmless to induce the user to install and run them.

Goblins(Trojan horse (computing))Edit

Goblins(computer virus)

Goblins(computer virus)

A Trojan horse, or Trojan, is a non-self-replicating type of malware which appears to perform a desirable function but instead facilitates unauthorized access to the user's computer system. Trojans do not attempt to inject themselves into other files like a computer virus. Trojan horses may steal information, or harm their host computer systems.[1]

Goblins is computer virus(Trojan horse (computing)?)

FC World(Firewall (computing))Edit

A firewall can either be software-based or hardware-based and is used to help keep a network secure.


An illustration of where a firewall would be located in a network.

FC World(Firewall)

FC Castle Ramparts(Firewall)

1 History

The term firewall originally referred to a wall intended to confine a fire or potential fire within a building. Later uses refer to similar structures, such as the metal sheet separating the engine compartment of a vehicle or aircraft from the passenger compartment.

FC World(firewall) is Firewall (computing) and Goblins(Trojan horse (computing)?)