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FC World B is a part of FC World that can be accessed by talking to a certain Pirori, randomly selected each dream, in the Barracks Settlement. It contains a ruins area with the Buyo Buyo effect inside.

Point of InterestEdit

  • There are some FC NPCs called Lizardmen living in the ruins area.
  • The Buyo Buyo effect is in one of the entrance to the ruins.
  • There's a location with 6 pyramids at which one has a 1/8 chance of finding an FC Demon. They will teleport you to the FC Demon Room of FC House. They can always be encountered if the Demon effect is equipped while entering.
  • This area contains the overworld map of south west part.
  • It is connected to FC World A and FC World C in one big map. The map has weird islands in the middle of nowhere (such as the north-eastern part of the map) as well.


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