Fleebie is an effect-giving NPC. It can be found in Ghost World, and the Triangle Kerchief effect can be obtained by interacting with it.


It looks like a typical ghost (bearing similarities to Follony and the Nopperabou Ghost) with one red eye in the middle of its forehead. Its lips are puckered up, giving it a silly expression similar to someone pretending to be innocent after making a mistake. It moves quite fast and flees from Madotsuki. The easiest way to catch it would be by using the Cat or Stoplight effects. It also reacts normally to the Knife.


  • Its fan-given name derives from being a portmanteau word of Freebie (as it gives an effect) and fleeing.


Float CyclesEdit


Yume Nikki - How to get the Triangle Kerchief

Yume Nikki - How to get the Triangle Kerchief

How to find it.

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