Follony has the appearance of a ghost with a single blue eye, similar to Fleebie. Unlike Fleebie, the corners of its mouth are turned down, resembling a frowning expression. It can be found in The Dark World.

It will follow Madotsuki until she uses the knife on it or until Madotsuki goes to another world. It may also be temporarily stopped with the Stoplight Effect. Unlike the other ghosts, it does not give any effects.


  • It is besides (mostly unresponsive) Pissipissini the only character found in the vast, looping, completely unlighted Dark World. This could explain why it so determinedly latches onto Madotsuki, who will most likely enter this world as a lamp.
  • Their fan-given name is a blend of the words Following, Felony (as it is a felony to stalk) and Alone.


Float CyclesEdit

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