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Graffiti World (自転車, Bicycle, also known as Musical Tile World by some fans) is one of the 12 original locations accessible directly from the Nexus.

It is a large, openly-looping world with few solid obstacles, but the floor is covered with colorful tiles that look like graffiti artwork. Each of the different types of tile make a unique noise when stepped on. Together, the tiles make up a huge floor pattern, resembling a strange smiling monkey and a seemingly worried face, with an appendage similar to the lure of an anglerfish.

The background hum that plays here is the same as the one in Hell and Mini Hell.

The world's parallax background.

Points of Interest[]

  • The Bicycle effect is found here, by interacting with the bicycle all the way to the east or west of the Nexus door. It is found inside the circle attached to the worried face formation's "appendage".
  • The quickest route to the Mall is through here, by riding the purple elevator in the south east.
  • The women's Restroom, counterpart to the men's in Block World, is at the end of a long string of tiles in the south.


  • The Nexus - 6th Door
    • Graffiti World
      • The Mall - Enter the purple elevator near the corner of the map


  • Some have theorized that the background to this world is of E-Man and O-Man together, which could make sense as this place connects to the Mall.
  • In older versions of Yume Nikki, the layout of this world was more simple.[1]
  • Versions 0.04 and 0.06 had an additional purple gate that connected to the Neon Tile Path.