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The KALIMBA are a group of Paracas-like characters that appear in a full-screen event known as the KALIMBA TV Channel in the dream version of Madotsuki's Room. They resemble little creatures that almost look like plugs or someone vomiting as they go across the screen accompanied by a tribal/electronic beat. There is a 1/8 chance that they will appear on the TV whenever Madotsuki turns it on.

Their name comes from their picture file and soundtrack, both of which are simply titled KALIMBA, seemingly named after the instrument used in the song.


The KALIMBA are mostly seen as neon creatures or humanoids that have their heads tilted sideways so they can extend their long tongue, or some type of bodily fluid spilling from their mouth (see below). These heads are connected to a long, zig-zagging body composed of rectangles and two small legs at the very bottom. Due to the shapes near the sides of their heads, they can also be seen as plugs or carrying some sort of instrument with them. Just like other characters in the game (for example, the Aztec Rave Monkey, who also appears in an event), they appear to be inspired by ancient Mesoamerican artwork.

The event itself.


  • KIKIYAMA also made a full-length version of the song before they started working on Yume Nikki, being the only one other than the FC House theme to be a complete song, although this one isn't heard in-game.


One of the most apparent visual themes in Yume Nikki is Mesoamerican-style art, more specifically, creatures that resembles those of the ancient Paracas civilization that lived more than 2,000 years ago. In this ancient Peruvian culture, "ritual vomiting" was a practice where a person vomiting could be seen as them releasing toxins out of their system, both physically and spiritually. In Paracas art, this is depicted as the manifestation of a snake to symbolize this leaving the body, which can be seen with the KALIMBA. It's possible that Madotsuki feels very connected with their culture, as she even has a rug with an ancient pattern in the real world. The Bloody Touching Monster and the parallax background in Eyeball World are other examples of vomiting in the game.

Ritual vomiting in the form of a snake, as the creature is a representation of spiritual illness.