The Lamp World is a world filled with lamps. It's quite large and in openly-looping, which makes it easy to get lost in.

Point of InterestEdit

  • Unlike the lamps in the Puddle World, the lamps cannot be switched on and off. Most of the lamps are off, but there are a few rings of 5 lamps that are switched on.
  • The Lamp effect can be found here, by interacting with the Walking Lamp.
  • There is a second door that leads back to the Number World, to an enclosed space by the canal where if you wait for a while (or use the Cat effect) you will see Steve 'Leif' Kareha.
  • There is also an alternate exit by interacting with an unusually short lamp that leads to an island in The Checkered Tile Path where you can see Closet Madotsuki.
  • The binary 1's and 0's leading to the lamp world may respectively refer to the on and off states of the various lamps. Typically, 1 refers to an on/closed state and 0 refers to an off/open state for electrical circuits. It may also indicate why the lamps can't be switched on and off, since the binary 1's and 0's are fixed.
  • If you be caught by the Toriningen in the Guillotine Room, you will have a chance trap in the isolated area with a Japanese Hiragana "あ".