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A sheet showing of all of Yume Nikki's characters

Madotsuki meets many characters in her dreams, ranging from "ordinary" humans and animals to bizarre monstrous creatures. Regardless of their appearance, none mean harm if one does neither.

The strange behaviour and expressions of the characters in Yume Nikki seem to exhibit certain personality traits. They influence a lot of the atmosphere of the game, even if they don't actually do much at all.

Many characters play a particular role in the game. Some give Madotsuki effects when she interacts with them whereas others may teleport her to different places. Others may ignore Madotsuki completely and simply loiter in the world of her dreams.

Note: Certain characters, such as Madotsuki, Monoe, and Monoko, have official names. There are a few other minor characters who have their official names listed on their respective pages. A full list of these can be found here. All other dream characters were named by the fan community (see talk page).


Player Characters

There are only two characters that the player controls in the game, only one of which actually is real.


Madotsuki infobox image.png
The mysterious protagonist of Yume Nikki and the only character seen in the game who actually exists. Madotsuki's dreams provide the game world for the player to explore.


The character in the NASU video game, playable on Madotsuki's famicom in her room. Using a cheat code turns its head into an eggplant itself.

Effect NPCs

These characters give effects when interacted with, although not all effects are received from characters. Listed in order of the effects on the menu screen.

Note: The effect names listed are from the unofficial fan translation.


A frog which gives the Frog effect. Two can be found in the game, one being in Forest World and the other in the Dense Woods B, making it the only effect found in two locations.


A short Snow Woman that roams around in Snow World. She gives the Yuki-onna effect. She is one of the many characters based on Japanese legends.


A strange arm and hand with an eye on its palm, found in Eyeball World. Interacting with it gives the Medamaude effect. It bears a resemblance to the Hamsa.


A tall, thin, strobing character found in the Docks B that appears to be eating something. They give the Fat effect in the latest version of the game, and cannot be moved with the Cat.


AKA: Kodomo, Midget
A small, colorful character found running by a purple pyramid in Candle World. He gives the Midget effect if the player catches him.

Neon Parrot

A colorful character in Neon World that gives the Neon effect, as it is the only unique character in the area. Holds great resemblance to the character in NASU as well as the Toriningen.

Nopperabou Ghost

A faceless ghost found in the Sewers. Gives the Nopperabou effect when interacted with. Resembles Youmu's phantom half and the PC-98 Bakebake (only minus the face and head piece) from the Touhou Project, although it is based on a Yokai.


A smiling guillotine guarded by Toriningen in Guillotine World. Gives the Severed Head effect if you manage to interact with it and avoid the Toriningen. It was found in Block World in older versions.


Based on a Japanese legend, encountered in the Infinite Wilderness. It gives the Towel effect while it waves back and forth in the middle of the area.


Neko infobox.gif
A strange pink character that looks like a spinning coin in the shape of a cat face and moves quickly. It is found in Shield-folk World and gives the Cat effect. It resembles a Maneki-neko.

Walking Lamp

A small street lamp with feet found wandering around in Lamp World. Interacting with it gives the Lamp effect, and it walks two times as fast when the Knife is pulled out.

Mouth Monsters

Mouth Monsters.png
ロング (long hair monster)
Moving mounds of hair, each with a large mouth, red lips and square teeth found next to a pool of blood. Each one gives a hair-related effect: The Long Hair, Blonde Hair, and Poop Hair effects. They are found in Mural World and Underground World.


A small ghost with a small face found in Ghost World that flees from Madotsuki, hence its fan-name. It gives the Triangle Kerchief effect if you can catch it.


A small dead tree (or possibly a creature hiding in the notch of the tree with red eyes) found on the Witch's Island. It gives the Witch effect and is immobile.

FC Demon

AKA: Oni, Imp
A cute little demon that gives the Demon effect when interacted with as it makes a kissing sound effect. Found in the lowest room of the FC House and occasionally in FC World B.

Buyo Buyo

This strange creature is found surrounded by shrines in FC World B and gives the Buyo Buyo effect. Interestingly, it was found in the Barracks Settlement in previous versions of the game.


This man is seemingly an unfortunate victim of a traffic accident. He is found in the Dense Woods B surrounded by traffic cones. He gives the Stoplight effect and starts to twitch when the Cat is used.

Non-Effect NPCs

These characters do not give effects when interacted with. Listed in alphabetical order.

Alley Demon

Alley Demo.png
A dark monster seen in the Sewers near the drawings, unreachable by the player. It somewhat resembles Uboa, although most of its body isn't seen.


Curly-looking plant creatures found in the Wilderness near the Stairway to the Sky. They can be easily mistaken for the other vegetation nearby

The Black Cat

Black Cat.png
A small black cat that can be seen sitting around on the Mall Rooftop, where the Witch's Flight event takes place. It occasionally licks itself.

Body Parts

Yn char limbs1.png
右手 (right hand), 左手 (left hand), 目 (eye), 左足 (left foot), 右足 (right foot)
Disembodied eyeballs, arms, legs, eyes and lips found in Eyeball World. A pair of hands can also be found in the White Desert next to a door that leads to Block World, as well as other examples.

Closet Creature

Yn char closet1.png
A creature that hides in the closet of the Guillotine Room. Upon interaction, it shakes its eyes and laughs, as if mocking the player for choosing the wrong one.

Closet Madotsuki

Yn char closet2.png
A closet found on the floating island in the Checkered Tile Path with what seems to be a sleeping Madotsuki inside. It can only be seen by using the Severed Head or Midget effects, as all other effects are too big to see inside the closet properly.

Cube Guru

Yn char guru.png
A strange character found sitting on a red cushion in Windmill World. Its head spins when interacted with. It will leave its cushion when using the Cat effect, but is otherwise very protective of it.

Dave Spector

Yn char spector.png
Two Big-headed creatures found in the White Desert A. Stabbing one of them with the Knife effect will trigger the Monoe event.


Yn char drowning.png
An NPC in the water at the Witch's Island that somewhat resembles a drowning man. It is unreachable by the player, but nonetheless displays standard effect reactions.


Yn char dropfishlives.png
Dropfish lives!
The drooling, flashing creature seen in the water of the Docks that has a round, blue face with a broad smile.


Yn char eman.png
A character found sitting on a chair in a room in The Mall, where the Toriningen that changes the window color scheme can be found. He will occasionally sneeze and will turn angry when the Cat effect is used in the room.

Eye People

Yn char eyeperson.png
Stabbing the eye box in the White Desert with the Knife effect has a 1 in 30 chance of leading you into a dark area where a crowd of these people can be seen. They are white and have large eyes for a head.

The Fisherman

Yn char fisherman.png
A small man found in the Windmill World. If you interact with him, he will you take you to the Docks with him where he likes to fish.


Yn char followghost.png
A small ghost found in Dark World who follows Madotsuki around. Unlike Fleebie and Nopperabou Ghost, Follony does not give any effect when interacted with.


Yn char ghostmen.png
Three weird violet shapes that resemble chromosomes, found wandering inside the Ghost World. They just move around randomly, not doing much.


Yn char NILBOG.png
The goblin-esque creatures that are found in the courtyard room of the FC Basement after walking up a large flight of stairs. There are four small ones and one large one that takes five stabs with the Knife effect to kill. The large one has a 50% chance of dropping 200 Yen instead of the usual 12.5% chance of dropping 100.


Yn char jellyfish.png
The strange characters found in the Dense Woods and in the final scene of the game. They teleport Madotsuki to different locations when interacted with.


Yn char sleeper.png
A girl who sleeps inside an igloo in Snow World. Using the Cat causes her to move slightly.


Yn char shroom.png
Small mushrooms seen outside the FC Demon's door and inside their room.


Yn char kisu.png
The odd flashing creature seen in the water at Witch's Island.


Yn char lizardman.png
Found all over the many FC Worlds, they have orange skin with green hair, and when interacted with, speak a string of five random numbers in a dialogue box.

Madotsuki's Ghost

Yn char madoghost.png
A spectral apparition of Madotsuki that can be seen in Mini Hell, all by itself. It appears to be a transparent version of the unused Grayscale effect.


Yn char hatscarf.png
A girl with hat and scarf found in Block World. At first, she is invisible (only her hat and scarf can be seen floating in the air), but she becomes visible when the Stoplight effect is used. When interacted with, she will teleport you to different parts of Block World.

Mall Shoppers

Yn char mall.png
人 (Person)
Six types of NPCs encountered in The Mall - a young boy, a young girl, a man, a woman, a middle aged man, and a middle aged woman. When interacted with, they make odd electronic rattling noises and begin to deform as they walk.

Maussan Bros

Yn char ufodudes.png
Three humanoid NPCs that can be found on the Sky Garden Edge, watching the UFOs. When moved with the Cat or Knife effect and then stopped, they will return to the edge of the cliff and continue to watch the UFOs. Their names are derived from Jaime Maussan, a famous ufologist.


Yn char FCslime.png
A white blob creature found in the FC Basement, named for its resemblance to a melted marshmallow. It does not interact with Madotsuki and simply bounces by itself.


Yn char monoe.png
A monochrome girl with a smug face. She triggers the Monoe event when interacted with.


Yn char monoko.png
A monochrome girl with pigtails who changes drastically when stopped with the Stoplight effect. She triggers the Monoko event when interacted with while the stoplight is on red.


Yn char helleport.png
The four types of 3D geometric shapes that are found throughout the dreamworld that teleport Madotsuki in and out of Hell when interacted with.

Neon Creatures

Yn char neon.png
キャラ (character), ←, →, ↑, ↓ (V-shaped character)
All of the colorful varieties of NPCs that can be found in Neon World, excluding the Neon Parrot.

Nopperabou Witches

Yn char witches.png
Long-haired girls with pale purple-tinted skin that can be found at the shore at Witch's Island. There are four of them in this area, simply standing around, not moving. When the Cat effect is used near them though, their appearance briefly changes in a fairly disturbing manner.


Yn char oman.png
An NPC who can be found singing in the Mall, in the room where the Flute


Yn char onsen.png
A strange creature that lives in the Hot Spring House in the Wilderness, sucking up hot spring water in the dark through a tube out of its head. When stabbed with the Knife, it screams and bleeds, but doesn't vanish. Instead, it changes color and stops sucking up water through the tube in its head.


Yn char organoid.png
The alien-like creature found in the Sky Garden. It teleports randomly when touched by Madotsuki. If killed with the Knife effect, it will always yield 100 yen.

Pain Blob

Yn char painblob.png
A grey blob that blocks the route east from the Sewers tunnels. When stabbed with the Knife effect, a sad face appears on it.


Yn char pirori.png
AKA: Shadow men
Found throughout the dream world, these creatures chime when interacted with and occasionally teleport Madotsuki to different areas.


Yn char darkblob.png
These beings live in Dark World, cannot be seen while using the Lamp effect, and are barely visible in the darkness. Unlike most NPCs, they are immune to the Knife effect.


Yn char poniko.png
A girl who might change dramatically when you turn off the lights in her house.

Sea Snake

Yn char snake.png
A creature seen in the water of the Docks that looks like a swimming snake.

Seccom Masada-sensei

Yn char masada.png
A googly-eyed humanoid alien in found aboard the Spaceship, where he lives by himself. He makes musical sounds when interacted with and stands in front of a large piano.

Steve 'Leif' Kareha

Yn char steve.png
A strange creature that swims in the canal in the southern part of Number World. He can only be seen by standing in front of the canal and meowing with the Cat effect, which can take a long time.

Submarine Fish

Yn char trashmonster.png
A creature seen submerged in the pool of sewage in the Sewage Processing Plant 2 room. When the room is entered, it will appear as either a murky shadow underneath the water or a large eye on a stalk.

Tasei's Kid

Yn char eyezor.png
This thing occasionally appears in the pond on Witch's Island.


Yn char tokuto.png
A small pillar-like character with red eyes and spindly limbs, found in a room in the Mall. It has a small cavity on its head from which red liquid trickles out. When interacted with, he will spill an endless stream of the liquid onto the floor.


Yn char toriningen.png
Tall, bird-like girls that chase Madotsuki when they are in a lunatic state and teleport her into enclosed areas.

Train Passengers

Yn char passengers.png
Three NPCs seen riding in the Traincar. Two of them react to the Cat effect.


Yn char uboa.png
The most iconic character in the game, and something of a meme on the internet.

Walking Candles

Yn char candleman.png
Large, white, candle-like characters with legs that live in the center of Candle World.

Walking Eye

Yn char walkeye.png
A black creature with one large eye encountered in the FC House.

Warpo and Loople

Yn char warpo.png
Two similar creatures found on certain blocks in the Teleport Maze.


Yn char wheelies.png
A group of four similar types of NPC that are found in Number World. One particular type is found in large numbers in the Stabbing Room.


Zipper Tile Unhappy Profile 2.png
An NPC that can be found by chance in Number World. If the Knife is used on it, it bleeds and gives access to the Stairway. Simply interacting with it will cause it to move its mouth and make a sound.

Decorative Characters

These are unusually large characters that do not roam around like the NPCs. Most are made up of background graphics and have limited or no responses to Madotsuki's effects. Listed in alphabetical order.

Aztec Rave Monkey

An odd character with an Aztec-inspired appearance that appears in many locations throughout the game, whether in backgrounds, or its own event.

Big Red

Yn char bigred.png
A huge creature who dwells in a dark place at the end of the Sewers. If Madotsuki strolls into its gaping maw, she will be transported to Windmill World.

Bloody Touching Monster

Yn char btm.png
A giant, many-limbed creature seen bleeding as it wades through the white liquid in the background of Uboa's Trap.


Yn char isee.png
Sinister eyes that watch Madotsuki from the trees in the Dark Woods and from buildings in the Barracks Settlement. They are the only eyes that do this in the game.

Brain Creature

AKA: Vomiting Diglett
A huge monochrome creature that can be found in the path between White Desert B and the place of the Thing with the Quivering Jaw.


An odd, surreal depiction of what appears to be some kind of genitalia or other disturbing imagery, appearing as an animation in the hidden stairway in Number World. It is the only character in the game to wake Madotsuki up.

Falling Men

Two stick figures that appear flying around in circles in the distance of the Stairway to the Sky, as well as a small source of speculation in the fanbase.


Yn char flyoag.png
Uterus-like, multicolored monsters that serve as waypoints when traveling along the Infinite Road in the Dense Woods.

Frog Characters

Yn char namekuji.png
Two drooling, ghost-like creatures whose essence 'sticks' to Madotsuki when she touches them in Forest World. Named after their files in the game.


Yn char goppa.png
黄色 (yellow), 青色 (blue), 桃色 (pink), 茶色 (brown)
A group of characters seen in The Footprint Path B in Eyeball World. They sit motionless with a dazed look on their face, until Madotsuki touches a nearby button, which causes them to cough up blood with a loud noise.

Henkei Shita

Yn char henkei.png
Large, cyclopean creatures with mouths in their stomachs, these things are found mainly in The Footprint Path. There is another one in Hell who has a 1 in 256 chance of teleporting Madotsuki to the Footprint Path when stabbed with the Knife.


A large group of Paracas-like creatures that randomly appear in an event on the TV in the dream version of Madotsuki's Room. They appear to be sticking their tongues out or vomiting as they scroll by, accompanied by tribal music.


Yn char kyuu.png
A tall, colorful, smiling creature rubbing a banister in the hidden stairway in Number World, next to the door that leads to FACE. The Knife causes it to rub faster.


Yn char mars.png
AKA: Kasei-san
Found in the hidden room in Mars, interacting with this alien makes a three-note piano sound. Stabbing it with the Knife effect will leave scars on its foot and change its eye color.


Yn char mizume.png
A serpentine creature seen in the water at the Docks A. It cannot be interacted with in any way.

Pier Monsters

Yn char thereisnopier.png
Creepy creatures in Eyeball World that vaguely resemble Uboa. They can be white or purple, regular or bloody.

Roary Straw

Yn char manhole.png
A large, grey/red creature that inhabits the chamber under the manhole between Dense Woods and the White Desert. Its appearance changes according to how many times Madotsuki traveled along the looping Infinite Road in the Dense Woods.


Yn char seahorse.png
A creature seen inside one of the huts in the Barracks Settlement that resembles the head of a seahorse. It doesn't do much, although the player can stab it.

Severed Blue Head

A somewhat large blue head with two arms next to it and a bloodstain in Eyeball World that leads to the Footprint Path A.

Severed Heads

Two heads, one female and one male, that float around in an event hidden within the White Desert A's third White Path. They don't do anything other than look unsettling and merely go across the sky.


Yn char shieldfolk.png
The titular, fluorescent inhabitants of Shield-Folk World. They appear to be inanimate and come in various appearances, just like the Neon Statues.


Yn char takofuusen.png
An elusive creature that appears like a cross between an octopus and a balloon. It occasionally floats across the White Desert accompanied by a drum-like beat.

The Thing with the Quivering Jaw

Yn char quiverjaw.png
A huge, strange creature found in the White Desert B near a weird structure. Its jaw quivers and makes a rattling sound, which can be stopped with the Stoplight.


Yn char UFO.png
Strange, flickering objects seen a number of times in the game. They can be witnessed in the sky of the Sky Garden Edge and on the Martian Summit, where they can be spawned by using the Cat effect.

Scrapped Characters

These characters either appeared in an older version and were removed, were reimagined in some way, or flat out did not appear in the game at all due to being discarded. An unfinished minigame also featured a scrapped severed head character, and the Submarine Fish has an unused variation.

Neon Statues

These characters don't do anything but appear numerous times in Neon World in version 0.08 and 0.09. They have two varieties and come in pairs, with one big one and a small one.


A monster that doesn't look too far off from some of the ones in the White Desert, with its surrealistic design. It is absent from the original game, but has a role in YUMENIKKI –DREAM DIARY–.

Unused Train Passenger

Unused Train Passenger.png
A character who would most likely be another passenger on the Traincar. It does not appear in any version of the game and merely sits with the other character graphics.


Similar to the Zippertile, this animated gate could have been used for the door leading to FACE. Interestingly, it only appears in the character graphics of version 0.08, unused.