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Flowchart of all the locations.

Yume Nikki has many interconnected locations that vary wildly in theme and size. They house the 24 effects and may also contain events.

The dream world is an intricate labyrinth of openly looping regions and obscure pathways, but most regions of the game can be considered as part of an individual 'world' with connections to other sections and worlds. This is a list of all the central worlds of Yume Nikki.

Note: In this wiki, the commonly-accepted fan names are used so that they are easier to find, although each area has an official name that is also listed on their respective pages (which are the map names when viewing the game in RPG Maker, many of which are generic).

The Real World

The only location in the game that actually exists, though a dream version of it is present as well.

Madotsuki's Room

Yn card madoroom.png
The place Madotsuki starts, both in the real world and the dream world. In the real world she can't leave her room, but she can play NASU and save the game.

The Original Locations

These are the places in the dream world that are accessible to the player from the very start of the dream, most of which have static, floating backgrounds and objects plastered around seemingly randomly. They lead to all of the deeper locations, and contain half of all of the effects.

The Nexus

Yn card nexus t.png
A hub containing doors leading to the dream version of Madotsuki's Room and the 12 original locations. It is one of the few places to not have any music, making it suspenseful.

Forest World

Yn card forest t.png
A forested area that contains the Frog effect and ghost-like creatures that can be interacted with. The Aztec Rave Monkey is seen in the background.

Block World

Yn card block t.png
A world full of blocks of varying shapes and sizes with an isometric perspective, almost like a maze. The Hat & Scarf effect lies inside, along with a men's restroom.

Puddle World

Yn card puddle t.png
A dark world filled with puddles reflecting a dark sky, lamp posts, and a flight of stairs leading downwards to the Dense Woods. The Umbrella effect can be found here.

Dark World

Yn card dark t.png
A pitch-black world with tribal patterns on the ground that requires the Lamp effect to see them. The Knife effect is found here, along with a gate to The Wilderness.

Snow World

Yn card snow t.png
A snowy world with evergreen trees, igloos, and a bed. One of the igloos contains a portal to The Pink Sea, another has a sleeping girl. The Yuki-onna effect is found here.

Mural World

Yn card mural t.png
A world filled with strange murals. The entrance to The Sewers is here via a manhole, as well as the Blonde Hair and Long Hair effects obtained by interacting with Mouth Monsters.

Graffiti World

Yn card graffiti t.png
A colorful world with sound-making tiles that form a mosaic featuring odd creatures when seen from a distance. The Bicycle effect and a women's restroom are found here.

Eyeball World

Yn card eyeball t.png
A world filled with eyeballs and disembodied limbs. The Medamaude effect can be gained from one of the grasping arms. A blue head takes the player to The Footprint Path.

Candle World

Yn card candle t.png
A world with many candles, some even walking. The Midget effect can be obtained here from a tiny dwarf, and an unusually fast Toriningen loiters near a usable bed.

Shield-folk World

Yn card shieldfolk t.png
The home of the rather lethargic and immobile Shield-Folk, as well as many odd tiles; the Cat effect is located here. There's also a gate leading to the Static Maze here.

Neon World

Yn card neon t.png
A labyrinthine area inhabited by many colorful creatures, making it slightly difficult to navigate. The Neon effect, obtained from the Neon Parrot, can be found here.

Number World

Yn card numb t.png
A very unsettling area adorned with numbers on the ground and many odd creatures. Zippertiles cover the walls, one of which leads to KyuuKyuu-kun and the FACE event.

Deeper Locations

These worlds are accessed from the original locations and have more depth and personality to them, as most of them do not contain simple looking backgrounds. The remaining half of the effects that the player must get are found within some of these places.

Face Carpet Plaza

Yn card facecarpet t.png
A small area filled with carpets resembling masks. Found in-between a pair of pillars in the Forest World, this area connects to Hell. There is a lunatic Toriningen here.


Yn card hell t.png
A massive, bright red labyrinth with many branching pathways filled with lunatic Toriningen. There are many dead ends and connections to other areas.

White Desert

Yn card desert t.png
The largest area in the game: a monochrome land notable for its unnerving art style, sheer amount of strange characters and events found within, but not a single effect.

Dense Woods

Yn card woods t.png
A rather large area full of trees that connects to various other locations. Rain falls heavily, and a few Jellyfish populate the area. The Stoplight effect can be found here.


Yn card traincar t.png
A seemingly normal train car that has a few monsters sitting inside. Sitting on one of the seats for approximately seven seconds leads Madotsuki to the Witch's Island.

Witch's Island

Yn card witchisland t.png
A forest beside a lake of some sort. It appears to be windy, as the Nopperabou Witches' dresses wiggle slightly. A long bridge crossing the lake leads to the Witch effect.

The Wilderness

Yn card wilderness t.png
A vast expanse of curly plants and arid soil, reviled for being difficult to navigate. Many events and the Towel effect hide inside. There is also a giant pyramid with a long staircase.

Barracks Settlement

Yn card barracks t.png
A small village located past a fence in the Wilderness. It is filled with shacks and telephone poles, and Pirori wander the streets. One shack houses a seahorse head.

FC World B

Yn card fcworldb t.png
One of the few FC worlds, accessed after interacting with a random Pirori. The Buyo Buyo effect can be found here, as well as some wandering Lizardmen.

Sky Garden

Yn card skygarden t.png
A small park at the top of the Wilderness pyramid. It features a prominent background of a beautiful city night. The Maussan Bros and Organoid can be found here.

Ghost World

Yn card ghost t.png
Accessed through the flowery tunnel in the Sky Garden, this bleak, featureless area houses the Triangle Kerchief effect and three floating chromosome-like creatures.

The Pink Sea

Yn card shoal t.png
Found through one of the igloos in Snow World, this area houses Poniko in her house. The area is filled with little islands and colored balloons that teleport Madotsuki.

The Sewers

Yn card sewers t.png
A gloomy sewer system where the Nopperabou effect and a large creature named Big Red wait. Holes in the wall show images of cartoonish but disturbing entities.

Windmill World

Yn card windmill t.png
An empty, looping area reached via Big Red's gaping maw. There are a few windmills and The Fisherman can both be found here, with the latter leading to The Docks.

The Docks

Yn card docks t.png
This area is divided into two sections, one accessible from Hell, the other from Windmill World. The Fat effect can be found in the former section.

The Mall

Yn card mall t.png
A slightly gloomy complex, vaguely resembling a shopping mall. Escalators lead to the area's different floors. The Flute effect can be found in one of the rooms.

The Footprint Path

Yn card footprint t.png
A dark road marked by white footprints and riddled with the multicolored Henkei Shita and Goppa creatures. It connects Eyeball World to Hell.

The Checkered Tile Path

Yn card checkered t.png
A narrow, checkered path with an abstract background. A hard-to-evade lunatic Toriningen patrols the area.

Static Maze

Yn card static t.png
A small, invisible maze that leads to the FC House. Static flashes in the background periodically. A non-maze section of it is accessible before entering FC World A.

FC House

Yn card FC t.png
The most easily accessible FC World that resembles the beginning of the game Mother. Inside, the Demon effect is obtained, and there's a long stairway leading to the Goblins.

The Neon Tile Path

Yn card neontile t.png
A narrow passage of noisy red and purple neon tiles in front of a dark background. It connects Neon World to Hell.

Lamp World

Yn card lampworld t.png
A moderately-sized world with many lamps. The smallest lamp takes Madotsuki to a sectioned off part of the Checkered Tile Path. The Lamp effect is found here.

Guillotine World

Yn card guillotine t.png
A small, looping area that houses the Severed Head effect and numerous lunatic Toriningen. There is also a larger version of this area with eight lunatic Toriningen chasing after you.

Mini Hell

Yn card minihell t.png
A much smaller and linear version of Hell, resembling a crossroad with closets on each end. In the very middle is Madotsuki's Ghost, who is a minor source of speculation by fans.

The Teleport Maze

Yn card telmaze t.png
A large area full of floating platforms with interconnecting teleporters, the Teleport Maze can be accessed via the Dense Woods. Completing the maze takes Madotsuki to FC World A.

FC World A

Yn card fcworlda t.png
This FC World is a little less open-ended, with a smaller overworld section. After crossing a tiny bridge, Madotsuki is taken to a small castle with an entrance to the FC Dungeon.

FC Dungeon

Yn card fcdungeon t.png
This giant maze is very dark, requiring the Lamp effect. The walls are decorated with odd-looking faces. The Famicom Glitch event can be found here.

Staircase of Hands

Yn card manosthehandsoffate t.png
A diagonal staircase found by sleeping in one of five random beds in the dream world. Going downstairs will lead to a corridor with an elevator and a large fire.

Underground World

Yn card underground t.png
An obscure area accessed through the Staircase of Hands by using the Umbrella or Yuki-onna effects on the flames that block your path. The Poop Hair effect is found here.

The Spaceship

Yn card ship t.png
A monochrome spaceship, complete with an organ and a nice view of space. It is owned by an alien known as Seccom Masada-sensei by fans. There is also a bed here.


Yn card mars t.png
A rocky wasteland reached after The Spaceship has crashed. There is a steaming vent on top of a summit, accessible by using the Midget effect to go inside.

Inaccessible Locations

These are the only locations that are inaccessible to the player without some means of hacking, although FC World C was planned to be a full location according to an unused event in version 0.09.

FC World C

Yn card fcworldc t.png
A fairly large portion of the main FC overworld map that goes completely unused. There even exists another small map that could connect to here.

Debug Room

Yn card debug t.png
A small room used to test out different features of the game, such as the mirror that used to give the Fat effect or the Witch's Flight event. Only reachable by hacking.