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Invisible (left) and under the Traffic Light (right)

Mafurako (also known as Hat and Scarf Girl by some fans) is an NPC who can be found in Block World.

Initially, Mafurako appears to be invisible except for the hat and scarf she wears. However, using the Traffic Light effect causes her to reveal her true appearance as a girl.


Mafurako wears a brown winter cap and a scarf, which are the only visible articles of clothing at first. When her true appearance is revealed with the Stoplight effect, she is shown to have dark brown hair that covers her eyes, a blue sweater, purple pants, and black shoes.


Mafurako in the manga.

Interacting with Mafurako will teleport both her and the player to 1 of 6 locations through Block World, 5 of which are normally inaccessible due to being atop the world's blocks. One of these locations has a black gate that leads to the White Desert. Interacting with her again will return the player back.

Normally, the player will be teleported to a random spot away from Mafurako. When this happens, she will return to the east structure of Block World near a one-way access from Windmill World, and will have to seek her out again. However, if you interact with her as a snowman, you will always return to Mafurako's side on the return trip, shortening the process of finding her and the White Desert gate.

Besides transforming under the Traffic Light effect, Mafurako displays all the normal reactions to the Cat, Kitchen Knife, and Traffic Light effects.


It is possible that Mafurako represent Madotsuki's feelings of shyness. It is evident that Mafurako wants to be unseen, as even when she is visible her fringe covers her face. A fringe covering a character's eyes is also a common character design trait given to sensitive or shy characters in media. The fact that she becomes visible when the Stoplight is used may imply that she is consciously attempting to be invisible, and the Stoplight stops her from doing so.

Furthermore, Mafurako seems to seek solitude. She is the sole resident of the very spacious Block World, and prefers to ditch Madotsuki in a distant location rather than teleport back together. She only seems comfortable around the inanimate Snowman, with whom she can relate to (they share a penchant for winter clothing) yet is also impersonal and non-threatening. Mafurako's traits could possibly be interpreted as projections of Madotsuki's own solitude and her habit of interacting with inanimate objects (such as her diary, bed, and Famicom) rather than people.


  • Interestingly, Mafurako's sprites are located in Madotsuki's sprite sheet in the game's files. She is the only NPC with this distinction other than Madotsuki's Ghost. Her graphics replaced a version of Madotsuki wearing the hat and scarf without braids found in previous versions of the same sheet.

The original sprites for a braidless Madotsuki wearing the effect.