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Mural World is one of the 12 original locations accessible directly from the Nexus.

It is an openly-looping world filled with large florescent blue and yellow tablets that depict strange inhuman beings, likely inspired by ancient Paracas artwork that is often shown throughout the game. Some of these murals are very large.

Points of Interest[]

While the world itself is mostly desolate, with music somewhat hopeless in tone, there are still many features to note. The Long Hair and Blonde Hair effects can be found here, by interacting with each of the two Mouth Monsters. The only entrance to the Sewers is through here, down the open manhole. Other than that, there is nothing to be found other than the many murals.


  • The Nexus - Go through the white door with the diamond and three lines
  • Barracks Settlement - Walk through one of the huts to teleport behind a mural (One Way Arrive)


  • All three hairstyle effects used to be located in this map until v0.10's release, where the Poop Hair effect was moved to Underground World.
  • There were less murals in older versions.
  • v0.04 and v0.06 had an additional purple gate that led to the Dense Woods A.
  • An unused thumbs.db image indicates that this world may have once been intended to have a parallax background, which would have featured the two mural variants.