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A typical NASU game.

NASU is the Famicom game found in Madotsuki's Room. The graphics and sound highly resemble authentic Famicom/NES hardware capabilities, although the game itself is fictional. It is possible that NASU wasn't the only game intended to be included in Yume Nikki, since it's a member (yet the only one) of the Famicom menu.

It is named after the Japanese word for eggplant (a.k.a. aubergine), a type of fruit native to Asia.

NASU's title screen.


NASU is a very simple arcade game in which the object is to catch a falling eggplant in the player character's mouth. Failing to catch an eggplant will result in losing the game. Each eggplant is worth 10 points, and occasionally a bonus eggplant will bounce from the left side of the screen to the right and is worth 300, and does not result in a game over if not caught. It is also possible to get 1,000 bonus points; this is achieved by catching a normal and bonus eggplant at the same time.


  • Left Arrow Key to move left.
  • Right Arrow Key to move right.
  • Interact key to jump and collect eggplants.

Easter Eggs[]

By performing a button combination nearly identical to the Konami Code (left, left, right, right, up, down, up, down) in NASU's title screen, the player character's head is replaced with an eggplant. Doing this seems to greatly improve the chances of a bonus eggplant. While this is likely a reference to the Konami Code, it may also refer to Kid Icarus for the Famicom, where some enemies transformed the player into an eggplant with legs.

Using this trick will NOT update your highscore.

Fan Speculation[]

Neon Parrot[]

The Neon Parrot is very similar to the player character of NASU.


The player character of NASU somewhat resembles the Toriningen of Madotsuki's dreams. With its depressing nature, the game could be influencing her dreams negatively in this manner and many others.

Time Period[]

A Famicom is a rather outdated console by today's standards, but it isn't unusual for someone to own and enjoy using one. However, other things in Madotsuki's room seem a bit outdated, such as the TV itself. This may indicate that the events of Yume Nikki take place sometime in the recent past. Alternately; it could be that because she never leaves her home these items represent the time period when she changed and stayed indoors, hence nothing is updated or new.

Online version[]

A fully playable online version made ​​by a fan was published on Newgrounds:



TCRF Yume Nikki 0.09 - Unused NASU Link

The event in action.

  • There might have been other games planned to be accessible from the Famicom in Madotsuki's Room. Some of the Thumbs.db files of version 0.04 contain images of a scrapped game called Severed Head PK (生首SC) that would have been able to be played, complete with a potential player select screen and a very crude art style. More info here.

A potential title screen reconstructed by Vasili of #LaInvestigaciónYN.

A possible player or stage selection screen reconstructed.

A gameplay screen reconstructed.