Familygame NASU

ファミリィゲ~ム(Family ga~me) is a Family Computer?

NASU(Hopi's motif)Edit



Lizard icon

Hopi's symbol Lizard?



The animal which knows all terrestrial all.
It is a symbol of intellect.

3 Madotsuki's Room(Hopi mythology)

Red,Purple,Yellow,and Green color books.(Tawa-Kachina color)

※Most Hopi accounts of creation center around Tawa, the Sun Spirit.(Madotsuki's Room)

→ Yumenikki Menu icon is Hopi's Lizard?


Belidae wpe147 Rhinotia haemoptera

This in which Weevil of a red color is also.(Rhinotia haemoptera)

2 Sexual dimorphism

"Weevil" is planting the egg in the "eggplant"?

Rhopalapion longirostre exhibits an extreme case of sexual dimorphism. The female rostrum is twice as long and its surface is smoother than in the male. The female bores egg channels into the buds of Alcea rosea. So the dimorphism is not attributed to sexual selection. It is a response to ecological demands of egg deposition.[4]

※"Weevil" is planting the "egg" → NASU is "egg" planting the "eggplant(NASU)"?


NASU select


※NASA parodies and NASU is?

NASA Worm logo

The logo mark of NASA used from 1975 to 1992.


5 文化

初夢の縁起物:「一富士、二鷹、三茄子(1 Mt.Fuji,2 Hawk,3 Egg plant)」


An eggplant can be likened with the late cow of a pace and the wish become as late as possible in returning from this world to the next world is put.


The deceased's soul prepares the animal which makes this world and next world from the cucumber called a "spirit-of-a-departed-person horse" or an eggplant as a vehicle for going back and forth during the Bon Festival.


Four hempen trunks or matchsticks, the folded half-split chopsticks, etc. are likened with a leg, and are inserted, and it is considered as a horse and a cow.


A cucumber can be likened with a swift-running horse and goes back [ home ] from the next world early.


The wish that an offering is put on a cow and I have you bring back to the next world is put so that an eggplant can be likened with the late cow of a pace and it may become as late as possible to return from this world to the next world.

2 Mount Fuji(Hatsuyume)

一富士二鷹三茄子(the first good-luck article of a dream to see) is Similarity of "Oneiromancy"

※NASU had the intention which delays Madotsuki which goes to the next world?

NASU(Easter egg (media))Edit



An Easter egg is an intentional inside joke, hidden message, or feature in a work such as a computer program, movie, book, or crossword. According to game designer Warren Robinett, the term was coined at Atari by personnel who were alerted to the presence of a secret message which had been hidden by Robinett in his already widely distributed game, Adventure.12 The name has been said to evoke the idea of a traditional Easter egg hunt3.

1 Effects(Easter egg)

Easter eggs are special eggs that are often given to celebrate Easter or springtime.

NASU(LSD (video game) )Edit

Playstation 「LSD」 Ending Movie

Playstation 「LSD」 Ending Movie

Playstation 「LSD」 Ending Movie

LSD (Also known as LSD: Dream Emulator) is an extremely rare video game released in Japan in 1998 for the Sony PlayStation video game console based on a dream journal that Hiroko Nishikawa, a staff member at Asmik Ace Entertainment, had been keeping for a decade.

1 Gameplay

In "LSD" the player navigates through a psychedelic dream world. The idea is simply to walk around and explore things in a dream environment.

2 Mount Fuji(Hatsuyume)

Although this superstition is well known in Japan, often memorized in the form Ichi-Fuji, Ni-Taka, San-Nasubi (一富士、二鷹、三茄子; 1. Fuji, 2. Hawk, 3. Eggplant), the continuation of the list is not as well known.

3 Mount Fuji(LSD (video game))

『LSD (video game)  - The Opening Movie』

NASU(August 15)Edit

The Jump

The day of the "Bon Festival" and "Assumption of Mary"?

4 記念日・年中行事 (4 Memorial Day and Annual Event)

※お盆(Bon Festival) and 聖母の被昇天の祭日(Assumption) are 8/15 same days.

月遅れ(旧盆)([1] 日本