The Neon World is a one of the 12 original locations accessible directly from the Nexus.

It is a large, labyrinthine world that is composed of a series of small, brighty-colored rooms and wide open spaces. It is easy to get lost in the looping map where you can lose your sense of position.
Unlike other worlds that are sparsely populated, colorful neon-like NPCs (including many Neon Statues in version 0.09) are abundant here, a far cry from the lonely atmosphere created by other locations. The soundtrack has a faster tempo than other places, and the flashing floor tiles make sounds when walked over, making Neon World one of the noisier dream worlds, similarly to Graffiti World.

Assuming Madotsuki is supposed to be Japanese like her creator KIKIYAMA, the world is probably a representation of Madotsuki's memory of one of Japan's bustling neon-lit streets, such as those the Shinjuku area of Tokyo is famous for.

Points of InterestEdit

  • The Neon effect is found here, from the Neon Parrot in the room one west and two north from the entrance plaza. It is the only unique NPC in Neon World.
  • To reach the Neon Tile Path, you must travel from the entrance plaza, south one room, then west for two rooms and enter the pitch black door.
  • In some of the rooms, large neon sculptures can be seen, resembling Aztec-inspired artwork that is prolific throughout Madotsuki's dream world.


  • The Nexus - 2nd Door
    • Neon World
      • The Neon Tile Path - From the entrance plaza, go south for one room, then west for two rooms and enter the door


  • There are a total of 137 NPCs in this world, making it the 2nd most populous location in the game after the Stabbing Room, which has 182.
  • Before version 0.10, Neon World was a completely open area with no walls, although still abundant with creatures. The world was gradually added on to over the course of the game's development.
  • Two variants of the Neon Statues were scattered around the map in version 0.09, but were removed when the world was redesigned in version 0.10.


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