Number World(Red Evil Eye Door)

The Evil Eye Door(Evil eye)Edit

Red Evil Eye Door(One Reg,One Hand)

Red Evil Eye Door(One Reg & Hand)

The evil eye is a look that is believed by many cultures to be able to cause injury or bad luck for the person at whom it is directed for reasons of envy or dislike.[1] [2]The term also refers to the power attributed to certain persons of inflicting injury or bad luck by such an envious or ill-wishing look. The evil eye is usually given to others who remain unaware.[3]

Ruby Eye Pendant
4 Protective talismans and cures

A Ruby Eye Pendant from an ancient civilization in Mesopotamia was possibly used as amulet to protect against evil eyes. Adilnor Collection.

The Evil Eye Door(隻眼)Edit

3 神話・伝説の中の隻眼 (3 One-eye in the legend, myth)


隻眼(seki-gan) or 独眼(doku-gan) is, refers to a state of disability that has lost sight of the eye itself and one side.

3.1 形態(3.1 Form)


Forest World(隻眼)


Sekigan, which is a shape asymmetrical non-existent one of the eye should be two original is lost or is literally (as in cyclopia) in some one in the middle of the face eyes may be expressed only exists (such as Cyclops).

1 Points of Interest

The Triangle Kerchief effect is received here, by catching The Fleeing Ghost. →隻眼(seki-gan)

3.3 起源 (3.3 Origin)

ケルト神話の神ルーは戦時中片目だけを開き(これは英雄クー・フーリンも同じ。またルーの祖父は片目が邪眼だった)、一本脚で戦士たちを鼓舞したが、ヌァザは戦争中片腕を切断された。ケルトの事例については邪眼との関連が強いことから、戦闘時の呪術に関係するものだという説も提出されている (Jacqueline Borsje, 'The Evil Eye' in early Irish literature and law) 。

(One eye was evil eyes this grandfather Lou is also. Same Khoo Fuling hero), but to inspire warriors in leg one, Lou gods Celtic Nu~aza during the war only open one eye during the war I was cut off an arm. Association with the evil eye from stronger, have also been submitted relating to the theory that something magic in combat for the case of Celtic (Jacqueline Borsje, 'The Evil Eye' in early Irish literature and law).

1 The Evil Eye Door(Evil eye)

A Ruby Eye Pendant from an ancient civilization in Mesopotamia was possibly used as amulet to protect against evil eyes.

3.3 起源 (3.3 Origin)


For Indo-European tradition that belongs to Norse mythology, Georges Dumezil has claimed the first function in the context of his three feature hypothesis. Obvious reason is unknown, but is one of those (there is a dichotomy of sovereignty and judicial sovereignty magical) function does not have a first one eye, one that there is no other arm.

5 Number World(Magic number (programming))

there is a dichotomy of sovereignty and judicial sovereignty magical(隻眼)→Magic number (programming)?

3.3 起源 (3.3 Origin)




One leg, but in this case is a combination Sekigan, namely the one-armed and one-armed. Odin has one eye is not, for example, is Týr (which was bitten off by the wolf Fenrir) there is no arm.

3 KyuuKyuu-kun(Týr)

KyuuKyuu-kun(some loss of arm strength?) and Number World Door is only Right arm.

Crick in the Neck(隻眼)Edit

3.3 起源(3.3 Origin)

AAAA Lampworld

Crick in the Neck(隻眼)

学術的な観点からもいくつかの説が唱えられている。日本だけに限れば、柳田國男は、Several theories have been cast from an academic point of view. Be limited to Japan, "Kunio Yanagida",

Looking Left

"Madotsuki" is a one-eyed look from the front.


the cause had been hurt in one eye (one leg) and have that came to be identified with the deity of human sacrifice to be dedicated to God originally to prevent the escape it was considered to be (and so "one-eyed boys")

1 Gameplay Events

Description: Occasionally, when Madotsuki gets out of bed she will have a 'crick' in her neck, causing her head to be constantly turned to the left.

※"Madotsuki" is a one-eyed(隻眼?) look from the front.

Chuck Man(隻眼)Edit

Chuck Man(Odd Eye)


3.3 起源(3.3 Origin)

ほかにも隻眼は男根の象徴であるとする説(民俗学者アラン・ダンデスのWet and Dry,the Evil Eyeや堀田吉雄『山の神の研究』など)、太陽の象徴であるとする説(古典学者アーサー・バーナード・クックのZeusvol.2やその追随者たち)など多くの仮説が存在するが、いずれも決定的なものではない。

In addition to the theory (such as Wet and Dry Alan Dandesu folklorist, "Study of the mountain god" Yoshio Hotta and the Evil Eye) theory that is a symbol of phallic, and is a symbol of the sun Sekigan Arthur classical scholar (hypothesis, and much more) and that his followers Zeusvol.2 Bernard Cook exists but is not critical either.

Chuck Man(Zipper)Edit

A zipper, zip, or zip fastener, is a commonly used device for binding the edges of an opening of fabric or other flexible material, as on a garment or a bag.[1]

Zippers may

  • increase or decrease the size of an opening to allow or restrict the passage of objects, as in the fly of trousers or in a pocket.

450px-Plastic- and Nylonzipper

Chuck Man(Zipper)

4 Chuck Man(隻眼)

In addition to the theory (such as Wet and Dry Alan Dandesu folklorist, "Study of the mountain god" Yoshio Hotta and the Evil Eye) theory that is a symbol of phallic.

※Chuck Man is A man wearing trousers→theory that is a symbol of phallic(隻眼)

Number World(勇者)Edit


Number World(ああああ)

3 ファンタジーにおける勇者


While there is much what can set up a hero's name etc. now for player itself in a computer game, The name which inputted continuously "あ" where the player named suitably is also as it is, and which has it in the initial setting position of a cursor on a name input screen may be referred to in parody hommage as a name of a computer game.

Number World(Magic number (programming))Edit

In computer programming, the term magic number has multiple meanings.

Number World

Number World(Magic Number)

Unique values with unexplained meaning or multiple occurrences which could (preferably) be replaced with named constants

FC World C is a part of the FC world.

FC World C (Magic Number) by marqueskart

FC World C (Magic Number) by marqueskart

FC World C (Magic Number) by marqueskart

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"ゆめにっき   Yume Nikki   06 Famicom World" #0:30~0:55

Movie by marqueskart

Number World(Binary number)Edit

Number World(Binary number)

Number World(Binary number)

In mathematics and computer science, the binary numeral system, or base-2 numeral system, represents numeric values using two symbols: typically 0 and 1.

1 History

The modern binary number system was discovered by Gottfried Leibniz in 1679. See his article:Explication de l'Arithmétique Binaire[9](1703).

Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz

Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz

1 Windmill World(THE MONADOLOGY)

In imagining that there is a machine whose construction would enable it to think, to sense, and to have perception, one could conceive it enlarged while retaining the same proportions, so that one could enter into it, just like into a windmill.

The thought experiment of the windmill by Leibniz


The Monads have no windows, through which anything could come in or go out.

by Goottfried Wilhelm Leibniz translated by Robert Latta

Wheelies(Number World)(Tarō Okamoto)Edit

Tarō Okamoto (岡本 太郎 Okamoto Tarō?, February 26, 1911 – January 7, 1996) was a Japanese artist noted for his abstract and avant-garde paintings and sculpture.

Wheelies (Number World)

Wheelies(Number World)

4 主な作品 4.2 立体作品


Okamoto Tarō "Chair refused to sit" (Ware, 1963)


Chair act on an equal footing with man


Bearing surface of the "chair refused to sit" gives a sense of resistance to the human both mentally and physically they become brick hard that protrudes expression and does not good to be sitting.


Taro was caught on an equal footing with human things, he was the face of human emotions and Haka~tsu chair. Here describes the six types of Taro Okamoto Memorial Museum Exhibition.



1、ギョロリとした2つの            2、大きく見開かれた眼と           3、眼鏡の上に着座する
  眼が睨みをきかせる              まつ毛を彷彿させる              抵抗感を生じさせる      1.Secret peeled,Two eyes use a glare 2.Eyelashes & eye greatly opened 3.Bad feel which sits down on glasses.

4、大きく開いた両手が            5、しかめっ面が座る人           6、歪んだ笑みを浮かべ
  「拒否」の意思表示              にためらいを与える              ているような表情         4.Both hands open,Intention to "refuse" 5.Hesitate to give the man who sit grimace 6.Expression of scornful laugh