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A Pirori, Sewer Pirori and FC Pirori

Pirori (a.k.a. Shadow Men) are a type of NPC found in many different places in Madotsuki's Dreams. They are presumed to be denizens of The Barracks Settlement that have spread out as they explore the dream world.

They are vaguely humanoid creatures with a pair of arms and legs, but no face. Instead, their heads have large cavities through them that resemble the eye of a needle. They appear in a variety of forms, depending on the environment they live in. The regular Pirori that inhabit the Barracks Settlement are a deep shade of mauve, whereas the Sewer Pirori are a much paler shade, possibly an adaptation to the lack of sunlight. In the FC World B, Pirori take on an 8-bit style appearance and are more grey in color.

Sewer Pirori seem to be the biggest ones out of the three types.


When Madotsuki interacts with Pirori, they respond by making one of two three-note chimes that varies between individuals. In FC World B, they make a more muted, 8-bit tone, and Sewer Pirori are silent.

In addition, some Pirori have the ability to teleport Madotsuki. In the Barracks Settlement, one Pirori is randomly selected per dream to take Madotsuki to the their territory near the north of FC World B. The lone Pirori in the Docks B will send Madotsuki to the Wilderness just outside of the Barracks Settlement.


  • The sounds they make in the Barracks Settlement and the Docks B are the same ones for opening and closing the menu, but slowed down by 50%.
  • They are the only characters besides Madotsuki herself and the Buyo Buyo (in previous versions of the Barracks Settlement) to have an appearance in both the regular and FC art styles of the game.