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Poniko (ポニ子, "Ponytail girl") is a character that appears in Madotsuki's dream. Her house is found in The Pink Sea, which is accessed by diving into a pool located in an igloo in the Snow World.


Poniko's room.PNG

Poniko is a blonde girl with a ponytail, green shirt, a brown skirt, and red shoes. In the game, she has either open blue eyes which are constantly looking to her left side (giving a somewhat annoyed expression), or her eyes are closed, crying blue teardrops. In the manga her design is interpreted to have open eyes. She lives alone in a single room, like Madotsuki herself. She may prefer solitude, as she is located in one of the deeper dream locations and is the only NPC present in The Pink Sea.

Poniko in the Manga.jpg
In the manga, Madotsuki appears to look up to Poniko, asking herself "I wonder if she'll be my friend" and stating "her clothes are cute too".

As Poniko is not interactable and has a bit of a distant look on her face, fans speculate Poniko not wanting to interact with Madotsuki, thus making her an unrequited love.


Poniko does not seem to pay any attention to Madotsuki when entering and exploring her room. She only reacts to the Knife Effect, which makes her flee, and the Cat effect, which draws her towards Madotsuki, stomping in place. Most NPCs react similarly to these Effects. At her house there is nothing to interact with except a light switch. There is a 1/64 chance that Poniko will change into Uboa after flicking on and off the lights.


  • Poniko is the main protagonist in the fangame Memories of Replica.
  • Poniko has bright red boots/shoes that are practically identical to Madotsuki's.
  • Poniko is the only NPC with a room similar to Madotsuki.
  • After using the Cat effect, Poniko is drawn towards Madotsuki and then stomps in place a little. Whether or not this was intentional or an animation glitch is unknown.