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Roary Straw (also nicknamed Manhole-sama by some) appears under the manhole between the Infinite Road, and the White Desert.


Roary Straw appears as a grey humanisque head shape with three open eyes. In front of it are red loopy strings or "tentacles" which can be interacted with, using it to climb up and down. The ground appears as a white "table cloth" with "fold shadow" shapes.

Its appearance changes depending on how many times the player went by the set of Floyag, for at least five 'loops' it will have its usual gray appearance. After ten times, Roary Straw appears red, its two upper eyes squint as to emote joy and on the left of the screen a fork-like shape looms in the background. The "tentacles" looks like the White Desert Path Area tentacles. Note that its entrance will not appear if the player has not traveled at least five times.


  • The tentacles are interpreted to look similar to umbilical cords or red straws.
  • Their fan-name comes from the Moshi Monsters character Roary Scrawl.