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The Seahorse is a decorative character that resides inside one of the houses in the lower portion of the Barracks Settlement.

This creature is an orange mass with large eyes that vaguely resembles the face of a seahorse, hence its fan-given name.


The Seahorse displays no interaction to anything, though stabbing it with the Knife effect will cause blood to spray. In 0.08, it had a purple appearance instead.


  • In versions 0.06 and 0.07, Buyo Buyo resided in the location where the Seahorse is instead with a different art style. However, in version 0.08, the Seahorse appeared (with a purple appearance instead) and started sucking it dry. By 0.09 the Seahorse finished drinking it, explaining why it is no longer there in the latest version.[1]
    • Curiously, the Seahorse changed colors the same time that the shrines near Buyo Buyo did, in terms of versions.
The appearance of the Seahorse.

The death of Buyo Buyo.