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The Shield-Folk are colorful, though immobile, characters that reside in Shield-Folk World. They are spread out greatly among this area, with some on their own, and some in large groups. They come in many different varieties, each with their own unique colors, and some are taller than others.


Scattered across the world are five different variations (although some are them are mixed up), with them all having filled in bodies except for one that is more of an outline. Their features include having a wide head, googly eyes (one of the many examples of this in the game), and very thin arms. They get their name from their "shields" with faces they appear to be holding. They can act like landmarks to make their world more easy to navigate, similarly to the Neon Statues. Like all other decorative characters, they cannot be interacted with in any way.

They can be found on their own...

...or in large, mixed-up groups.