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Shitai-san (死体さん, 'Mr. Corpse', pronounced like "shee-tai") is an effect NPC found in Madotsuki's dreams.

He is found after traveling on the Infinite Road of the Dense Woods B surrounded by traffic cones. Interacting with him gives the player the Stoplight effect. It could symbolize a traffic incident due to reckless driving.

Using the Cat effect near him causes him to twitch. Other than that, he doesn't react to anything in particular.


One of the more popular theories about the game is that Madotsuki has been in some kind of car accident, and Shitai-san could represent this by showing her past. Something to note is that a Jellyfish appears not too far away from him just like they appear in the ending to the game. Other things that support this theme is Monoko's event, Takofuusen, and the Severed Heads, not to mention the many odd reactions characters have to the Stoplight effect, such as the Buyo Buyo and Wheelies.


Just out of reach...

  • Shitai-san is one of two effect NPCs that does not react to the Knife effect, with the other being the Guillotine.
  • Shitai-san is one of the more popular characters in the Yume Nikki fandom, often featured in theories and fan art.
  • If the player enters the Dense Woods through the Mall and goes to the southmost section of the Frog Path, one can slightly see Shitai-san at the bottom of the screen.