The Stabbing Room is found behind the door somewhere at the top of the Number World that is blocked by an NPC. Stabbing the NPC with the Knife effect, or moving it with the Cat effect allows Madotsuki to enter the room.

Point of InterestEdit

The room itself is filled to the brim with identical NPCs who keep shifting and changing places, with a few free places inbetween. To move around the room, Madotsuki has two options. The first option is to wait until the group of NPCs has shifted in a way that allows her to move forward, stepping into the free spaces. This allows Madotuski to slowly shuffle towards the other end of the room. Depending on the player's reaction, it might take a very long time.

Madotsuki Stuck

Madotsuki working her way through the room.

The other option is to use the Knife effect and kill the NPCs. Like most other NPCs, they do not retaliate. There is a blue landscape model in the lower part of the room, that makes faint noises when you step on it. There is nothing else you can do in the room.


  • There are a total of 182 NPCs inside the room. It is the map that has the most NPCs within, more than the NPCs of Neon World.
  • If the player actually does kill all 182 NPCs with the Knife effect, there is no connection to other worlds, no events and no other points of interests, just an empty room. The game seemingly chides the player for using senseless violence to satisfy their own curiosity. In the same vein, completing the challenging first option does not give the player anything either, implying hard work will not be rewarded or acknowledged as well.