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'Largest area in the game'[]

It's not. Looking at the game's coding, the hell map is 200*100 = 20,000 tiles big, and at least half of that is inaccessible empty space. Technically, the largest area in the game is the docks map, at 240*240 = 57,600 (three times larger), although only a tiny portion of that is even traversable. The FC Overworld is 200*210 = 42000 tiles, although most of this is inaccessible too.

The largest are that Madotsuki can traverse on one map is actually the Infinite Wilderness, which is 160*160 = 25600 tiles, with only about 10% of that being covered by plants and stuff.

The point is that, however you look at it, Hell simply isn't the largest area in the game, even combined with the smaller hell. TenhGrey 17:12, March 5, 2011 (UTC)

Is it really Hell?[]

"Hell" could be a misnomer. Compared to other areas in the game, it doesn't seem nearly as torturous or miserable as "Hell" ought to be. Alternatively, could it be Madotsuki's subconscious? Something always pulsing, always breathing, yet ultimately confusing, and dominated by the bad thoughts Madotsuki has (The torinigen, the Hekai Shita, all that stuff). Yet even the bad thoughts seem small in this humongous thing that even Madotsuki doesn't fully understand. Hell just doesn't seem correct. It is understandable why people thought that, but it seems to be a label applied out of conveince. Does anyone else have a similar view? The subconscious thoery is consistent with the fact that several paths lead there. There isn't anything particularly hellish about those paths. However, if Hell is instead the deepest layer of her subconscious, then the fact that several paths lead there make sense. 

  • Hell is actually pretty torturous to me. Mostly because I don't like this huge maze and because it's so easy to get lost. But I think that it got it's name because of the red color and it makes sense to me. One could connect it with the theorie and name it "subconsciousness" but most worlds were given their names to describe them as objectif as possible. That's why Hell, or what's even better, Red Maze, seems to be a good name. Anyone has different theories about the worlds, so it isn't adviseable to name them after a theorie but after their appearence.  Fulminis-ictus (talk) 12:04, January 1, 2014 (UTC)