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Tasei's Kid is a standard NPC that can be found in the lake of the Witch's Island near Kimajo. It has a single red eye and green snake-like body, and is unreachable by the player as it floats in the water. There is a 1/16 chance that it will appear in the lake each time you enter the screen.


Like other water creatures, it cannot be reached and therefore cannot be stabbed without the use of hacking. Interestingly, it has a sound effect set to play when interacted with even though it can't be reached, which seems to be unused. It faces a certain way when the Stoplight is used.


  • Tasei's Kid is also known as Mars-san's child due to the theory that it is its parent. This theory came about due to their similar appearance, though this may be purely coincidental due to the fact that players cannot see Tasei's Kid's lower half, and that is a major defining feature of Mars-San's design.

They bear a resemblance to each other.