Checkered Tile Path BGM

The Checkered Tile Path is an area that connects the Candle World to Hell. Trees cluster around and in the path. It has three routes that connect to the Nenrikido that takes one to Hell, but is guarded by a Lunatic Toriningen. A way must be found to get around the Toriningen without being teleported onto an enclosed platform in The Docks.

After that, there is a lone island with a lamp and a cabinet (which is accessed from the Lamp World). The cabinet contains what appears to be a sleeping Madotsuki.

Going past the island brings you past a narrow corridor with lamps until you enter a new room, which connects to the Hell Block.

To get to the Path, you must go from the upper left part of the cluster of candles in Candle World. From there go up past a duo of more candles, a lone candle, then at the final set of candles there, go left to one more candle and then go up to the striped pyramid (pictured right).



  • Originally, Mafurako was located in this area. In version 0.04 and 0.06, her only function was teleporting Madotsuki to one of three locations in Block World, with one of them leading to an event that was removed in later versions.
  • The music that played in this area was the same as Shield-Folk World's in older versions.