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The Docks (湖回廊, Lake Corridor) are a deeper location of the dream world that are reached from several different routes. They are split into two separate parts, known as the Docks A and the Docks B.

Despite its fan name, it is unlikely that the area is intended to represent a series of shipping jetties; rather, it is a type of boardwalk commonly featured over lakes in traditional Japanese Zen gardens, as evidenced by the old-fashioned pond lanterns.

The background music is the same as Mural World, but slowed down by 50%.

Points of Interest[]

The Docks A[]

  • A a snake-looking creature and Dropfish are found here, swimming around in the water.
  • There is a vending machine here, by the stairs leading to the third tunnel in the Sewers. This particular machine dispenses the largest and most expensive drinks, that cost 150 yen each but have an even chance of increasing Madotsuki's health by 1 or 2 HP.

The Docks B[]



  • This area was gradually added onto as development progressed.
    • In v0.04, only the leftmost section was accessible, having a connection to the Sewers. The other sections were unused at this point.
    • v0.06 included Mizume, who can be seen after going through the pink gate in Candle World. The middle-right section is also now accessible.
    • v0.09 replaced the pink gate with a direct path to Mizume and added the small area where a Toriningen can trap the player.
  • In all versions found thus far, the northeast section is completely unused.
  • In earlier versions of the game, the Fat effect wasn't found here, instead, it was found by interacting with a mirror in Hell. Curiously, the same one is found in the Debug Room in the latest version.
  • The Docks is a looping area, though this can never be experienced due to the area being enclosed. However, the Noclip Glitch allows for the player to loop around the area.