The Docks BGM


The Docks are a deeper location of the dream world that are reached from a number of different routes. They are split into two separate parts, known as 'Docks A' and 'Docks B'.
Despite being known as 'The Docks', it is unlikely that the area is intended to represent a series of shipping jetties; rather, it is a type of boardwalk commonly featured over lakes in traditional Japanese Zen gardens, as evidenced by the old-fashioned pond lanterns.

The background music appears to be a slowed down version of the music in the Mural World.

Points of InterestEdit

  • The Fat effect is found in Docks B. It is received by interacting with Strober on the northernmost walkway.
  • There is a Vending Machine in Docks A, by the stairs leading to Sewer Tunnel 3. This particular machine dispenses the largest and most expensive drinks, that cost 150 Yen apiece, but have an even chance of increasing Madotsuki's health by 1 or 2 HP.



The Docks

Map of The Docks