Mall BGM
Flute Room BGM

The Mall or Department Store is the popular name of an area in Yume Nikki. It is a black-floored, purple-walled complex. It is full of people, but when interacted with, they deform slightly and make rattling/hissing noises. The enviroments music is dark and industrial. This gives it an eerie, abandoned feel. The music on the upper and lower levels of the mall is the Shield-Folk World BGM at 50% speed.

The Mall's layout is quite strange. It has several pathways, rather like a maze, with walls facing diagonally. There is a second floor, but what is on it changes depending on how you enter it.

Tokuto-kun's roomEdit

One room, located near the bottom right of the map, is a small room with a chair that can be sat on and a poster on the wall. A large pool of red, bubbly liquid is found on the right side. It is populated only by a small pillar with limbs and eyes, named Tokuto-kun.
When it is interacted with, it tips over, spilling an endless stream of red liquid onto the ground from of a cavity in its head. It remains motionless after interaction, so it is possible to be stuck in the room if the interaction occurred at the doorway.

E-Man's roomEdit

Another room, located in the bottom left of the map, houses a harmless, lunatic Toriningen sitting behind a counter and e-Man chilling on a sofa. Interacting with the Toriningen will cause the color of your menu to change. E-Man frowns whenever the Cat effect is used and even sneezes if you stay long enough inside the room. The BGM in this room is the main menu theme at 50% speed.


E-Man and the nice Torinigen.

O-Man's roomEdit

The Flute effect is located here. To obtain it, you must enter the room in the bottom left in the map (the room where the harmless lunatic Toriningen and e-Man are found), then go to through the doorway on the left. The flute is found on the ground next to o-Man.

This room has a special BGM. O-Man sits on a couch and plays music, and killing him with the Knife effect will stop the music abruptly.

Flute room

Flute Room

Wall IllustrationsEdit

There are some illustrations on the rooms' walls.
The gallery below consists of fanmade enlargements of the art.


The Mall can be accessed from the Graffiti World or by entering the elevator after falling asleep in a dream bed.

Entrance to dense woods

Entrance to Dense Woods B.

Near the elevator there has an escalator that is usually blocked by a traffic cone. There is a 1 in 4 chance there will be no cone here, allowing you to ascend to the Mall Roof, which allows you to trigger the Witch's Flight event given that you have the Witch effect.

Part of the Dense Woods can be accessed from the basement. Talking to the Jellyfish there will transport you to a Teleport Maze, which leads to FC World A that connects to the White Desert B.



Map of the Mall

This map is an overhead of the main mall area. The door on the bottom left leads to the Flute effect. The door on the Middle Right leads to Tokuto-kun.


There is a place where you can go behind a wall to the point where Madotsuki is no longer visible in the back of the same wall where the escalator is. This could be considered a clipping glitch. Duplicating yourself with the midget effect or playing the flute effect while behind this wall will cause a mini Madotsuki/music notes to appear in front of the wall despite Madotsuki being behind it