Sewers intro

Madotsuki near the Alley Demon in the Sewers

The Sewers are a deeper location accessible through the manhole in Mural World. It consists of a series of dark tunnels and dirty rooms, and is home to a variety of characters.

The music is a slowed down version of the music that plays in the Infinite Road.

Points of InterestEdit

  • The Nopperabou effect is received here, from the Nopperabou Ghost in Sewage Processing Plant B.
  • The Pain Blob is found in Sewer Tunnel 1. Stabbing it with the knife effect causes an unhappy expression to appear on it.
  • The Submarine Fish is found in Sewage Processing Plant 2. It may appear as either a murky shadow beneath the water or a large eye on a stalk. Occasionally, a Sewer Pirori may also be found in its place. This is randomly decided when you enter the room.
  • Big Red is found at the end of Sewer Tunnel 2.
  • You can only get into Sewer Tunnel 3 from Sewer Tunnel 2 by using the Midget effect. You do not need to use the effect to travel in the other direction.

The Sewer DrawingsEdit

In certain rooms (Sewage Processing Plant B, Sewer Tunnel B and Sewer Tunnel C), there are black window-like holes in the walls. You can peer into them by pressing interact, which will show you a strange and disturbing drawing. Each of the 9 holes show a different image. The images are shown below:

It's possible that Madotsuki herself might have drawn these pictures prior to the events of the game, and may offer an insight into her psychology.



Sewers Map

Map of the Sewers

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