The Sewers(Noppera-bo)

The Sewers(Oitekebori)

Ryoi Nopperabo

A Noppera-bō, by Asai Ryōi in his Otogi Boko

Nopperabou Ghost(Noppera-bō)Edit

The Noppera-bō (のっぺら坊 Noppera-bō?), or faceless ghost, is a Japanese legendary creature.

Lafcadio Hearn used the animals' name as the title of his story about faceless monsters, probably resulting in the misused terminology.


Nopperabou Ghost

Nopperabou Ghost is "faceless monsters(Noppera-bō?)"

Nopperabou Ghost(のっぺらぼう)Edit

1 伝承


1  Tradition

Moreover, "置行堀(Oitekebori)" is often combined with one of 本所七不思議(Honjo-nana-fushigi), and after placing a fish and escaping, there is deployment of meeting with Noppera-bō.

The Sewers is "there is deployment of meeting with Noppera-bō(置行堀?)"

Kuniteru Honjo-nana-fushigi Oitekebori

Honjo-nana-fushigi "Oitekebori" by Kuniteru

The Sewers(置行堀)Edit


置行堀 (leaving behind, leaving behind) was one of "the strange story(怪談)" and the ghost stories called 本所七不思議(Honjo-nana-fushigi), which made this place (Sumida-ku, Tokyo) the stage, also in all the episode, was used abundantly at "the comic story(落語)" etc. and became famous.


It is considered as the origin of a word of "leaving behind(Oitekebori)" which means desertion.

The Sewers(Oitekebori)

Nopperabou Ghost in The Sewers

Nopperabou Ghost is "「置いてけぼり(leaving behind)」" in The Sewers?

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