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The Spaceship is a small area consisting of the interior of a futuristic spaceship, with white ovoid rooms and strange, post-modern furniture. Seccom Masada-sensei lives aboard by himself, playing his piano as he drifts through space.

Madotsuki appears on the Spaceship in the porthole vestibule after walking through the storage room in Underground World. After entering the main room, she can no longer return to Underground World as the door simply leads straight through to the access ramp.

The Spaceship Crash[]

Madotsuki sleeping in the bed.

Sleeping in the bed in the dormitory makes the lights dim. (Note: The lights do not dim in the Steam release due to a bug, but the event will still occur the same.) There is a 1/6 chance that Madotsuki will fall asleep. She will awaken to the sound of an emergency alarm and see the stars rush past the window rapidly as the spaceship descends. After 15 seconds, a cutscene of the ship crash landing on Mars will play, after which the access ramp will lower, allowing her to explore the surface of the planet.


  • When speaking to Masada, he gives a trilling sound. When the spaceship is falling out of orbit, his voice is high pitched and more frantic. After the crash, his audio is deeper and sadder.
  • Madotsuki can press keys on the piano with the interact button. Each key has a different tone.
  • Meowing with the Cat effect makes the spaceship spin, causing the view from the window to scroll in the other direction.
  • If Masada is moved, one can play the key he was blocking. It sounds a bit off-tune in comparison to the other notes.
  • Due to a bug, if Madotsuki sits down (By pressing the "1" key with no effects active) just before the crash cutscene, she will have her head down when the the sequence is over and the game will softlock, as you cannot get up, open the menu or pinch yourself awake.


Layout of Masada's Spaceship