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The Staircase of Hands (ベッドの中の階段, Staircase In Bed) is a staircase that connects one of the five random beds in the dream world to Underground World. It shares the droning music from this location. The entire corridor was added in version 0.10.

Points of Interest[]

Going up, Madotsuki wakes up in the random bed that took the player to this location and the bed to leading to the staircase will change (although since it is still a 1/5 chance, meaning the same bed might be chosen). Going down, the player arrives in the first room of Underground World: a room with an elevator leading to the escalator room of the Mall (One Way Access). There is another exit on the left which leads you to a corridor on fire (which can be doused using the Umbrella or Yuki-onna effect) that leads to a short passage just before the player gets to the Spaceship.



  • A visible graphic error can be seen at the bottom of one of the arms.