Tokuto-kun, also known as just Tokuto, is an NPC found in his small room in the Mall. It plays no important role in the dream world, but is an interesting character to visit.

Its appearance is that of a violet, top-heavy geometric shape with spindly limbs, red eyes and a strange spout of red liquid trickling from a cavity in the top of its head. Tokuto seems very preoccupied with that, scampering about its room as it watches the liquid run down its body.

Tokuto Kun

Tokuto-kun's idle animation


Tokuto-kun exhibits all the normal reactions to the Knife, Cat and Stoplight effects.
When interacted with, it will stand still and tilt over to the side, pouring an endless stream of the red liquid from the top of its head onto the floor. It will not stop this until Madotsuki leaves the room and comes back later. After interacting with it, using the cat effect while it is pouring will cause the flow to speed up briefly.

That the fluid in Tokuto-kun's head might be blood is evidenced subtly. The bubbling rhythm sounds very similar to a beating heart, and also speeds up with the flow when the Cat effect is used.

Tokuto pouring

Tokuto-kun tipping some of the red liquid from its body onto the floor.

Tokuto's Room

Mall Poster 4

Fan-art of the poster in Tokuto-kun's room

Tokuto's room is a strange place. It has a chair that Madotsuki can sit on and a poster on the wall depicting some strange image with unreadable text, interpreted in the fan art to the left.

The most prominent feature in the room would probably be the large pool of red liquid in the floor, which seems to be an accumulation of the same substance that Tokuto-kun produces from the cavity on its head. It has a seemingly lumpy or bubbly texture.
What this room is supposed to be or resemble - if anything at all - is very ambiguous. However, the structure of the room (chair and poster) is similar to the rooms of O-Man and E-Man, which together vaguely resemble a doctor's office, furthermore supported by E-Man sneezing.


Totuko is once again found in the Mall, where an escalator puzzle must be solved to cause it to become cornered and spill over. It drops the key to the Warehouse.



  • Tokuto-kun might be a reference to Salvador Dalì's painting "Apparatus And Hand" (1927). Both Tokuto-kun and the painting share similarities in both geometric shape, and the viscous liquid being spouted from within said geometrical figure.

Salvador Dalì, Apparatus and Hand (1927)

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