Underground World is a small location accessed by sleeping in one randomly chosen Bed of the five found in the dream worlds.

The music here is a short loop of what sounds like the humming of an old machine, like a dryer.

Point of InterestEdit

  • Following the Staircase of Hands, Madotsuki will enter a storage area which leads to the Spaceship, but will first be blocked by the flames of The Blazing Corridor. If one wishes to pass this corridor, either the Umbrella or Yuki-onna effect must be used in order to douse the flames that block your path. The flames can also be used to trigger the Melting Madotsuki event.
  • Along the way, there is an elevator which leads to the Mall. Using this entrance will unlock a formerly inaccessible escalator and the route to the Witch's Flight event.


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