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Underground World (倉庫, Warehouse) is a small deeper location accessed by sleeping in one out of the five randomly chosen beds spread across the dream worlds. While the player is first taken to the Staircase of Hands, going straight down leads to this small area.

The music here is a short loop of what sounds like the humming of an old machine, like a dryer, similarly to Hell. The entire corridor was added in version 0.10.

Points of Interest[]

Following the Staircase of Hands, the player will enter a small, dark hallway. Along the way, there is an elevator which leads to the Mall's first escalator area, without a way to return. While the entrance from Graffiti World has a 1/4 chance of granting access to the rooftop with the Witch's Flight event, the one from this world makes it always appear (although it resets when leaving the map).

To the right of this is the route to the main storage area, but the player will first encounter the flames of the Blazing Corridor. In order to pass, the player must use either the Umbrella or Yuki-onna effect to douse the flames. If the player came from Snow World, then the Hat and Scarf effect can be used near the flames to trigger the Melting Madotsuki event. The snowman form will slowly melt away until just the hat is left.

From here, the player finds a room containing pipes and storage units. The Mouth Monster that gives Madotsuki the Poop Hair effect can be found in this area next to a blood stain, just like the other monsters. A doorway in the corner leads to the Spaceship, without a way to get back once the main area is entered.