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The game files of Yume Nikki contain some unused content, which are listed here. A lot of these are unused parts of the tilesets found in-game, extracted from RPG Maker itself.

Note: This article is very out of date. Until it is updated, please visit Yume Nikki's article on The Cutting Room Floor for current information and even more unused content.

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Madotsuki's Room[]

Number World[]

Neon World[]

Within the game's files is a parallax background that, although it seems finished, is found nowhere in the game. When adding a party member (mentioned below), this background scrolls by in Neon World, although it is not symmetrical and therefore doesn't display properly.[2]

So weird.png

Puddle World[]

A Japanese Torii gate appears in the tileset.

Puddle World - Unused Gate.png

The Flower Path[]

Interacting with the flowers in the Flower Path (the place connecting the Sky Garden to Ghost World) calls a common event that is meant to play from a sound file named 'flower', but it cannot be played as the file doesn't exist.


In older versions of the game, the Fat effect was supposed to be retrieved from Hell, by interacting with a funhouse mirror. But later it was changed to the Docks. However, the sprites for the mirror are still in the game, and the mirror is in the Debug Room.

The Spaceship[]

While the ship is not falling or grounded, and before the falling event is triggered, a map event is continuously triggered. This event has a 1 in 41 chance of calling a common event that is meant to play a nonexistent sound file named 'ポーン' in 1 of 4 different pitches.

Forest World and Graffiti World[]

On the tileset of Forest World, there is a design of a table with a cup. However, it goes unused.

On the tileset of Graffiti World and Forest World, there are also two unused confetti tiles.


There is an unused door graphic in the tileset of Mars-san's room. It fits perfectly on one of the walls, but it just isn't there.

Mars door.png

There are also graphics (and code in the unpatched version of the game) in the main tileset for stairs that would be used on the summit, suggesting that the Midget wasn't originally used to enter the underground area.

What it would have possibly looked like in-game.

FC World C[]

A huge part of FC World, known as FC World C by fans, is unreachable. There are also a few other things that go unused that are listed below.


In the Sewers tileset, a tile resembling an eye goes unused.

Weird eye thing.png


Character sprites[]

In the charset folder, the file "イベント_006.xyz" contains an unused design. Some have speculated it to be the original exterior of the Spaceship during the crashing cutscene.

In the files, there are unused sprites for the Buyo Buyo in a different art style. This could possibly mean that they were never meant to be in a FC World, but rather, one of the main ones. This was true in version 0.06, as they were housed in the Barracks Settlement, using these graphics.[3]

Unused sprites also exist for a train passenger and the Submarine Fish has a lighter and less detailed version of its design in the files.

The Kinoko-sans in the FC Basement have an unused variation with darker and lighter colors, but are otherwise the same. Despite being unused, they are found in the same charset file as the used version. The first mushroom in it remains the same. An error in the latest version of the game causes it to be used when the player uses the Cat effect.

Adding a Party Member[]

Another party member can be added to your party, but this is not part of the gameplay itself. It is nameless and there are no sprites associated with it. Having it in your party causes several scripts in the game to change. The party member requirement prevents events that should be "called" from being triggered directly. This could have been used for testing.

  • All Toriningen disappear. The Toriningen Party and the lunatic in the Mall are not removed.
  • The top-left cupboard in the Guillotine Room will disappear. If you stand on it's former tile and press the action button, then you will end up in front of one of the eight cupboards in the Number World. If you enter the world again, then the cupboard will have returned to its rightful spot. This works in the bigger version of the Guillotine Room, too.

    You will randomly spawn in front of 1 of the 8 cupboards.

  • If you wake up, you will be unable to move. You can still open your menu.
  • You can always do the Witch's Flight event, even if you don't have the Witch effect, but only if you walk off the edge of the top tile of the Mall Rooftop.
  • An unused background appears in Neon World (explained above).

Unused Thumbnails[]

In the old versions of the game that have been recovered, low res thumbnail images can be found depicting some unused content.

Notable things found in these files include:

An unused White Desert background.

  • An unused Famicom game called "Severed Head PK" (生首SC) with a blood red menu and early art style. Another thumbnail showing the game itself shows a green field, what appears to be a soccer goal, and a single monochrome severed head. A screenshot for could be a player select menu also exists. This could explain why there is a separate menu to play NASU, as more games could have been considered.
  • An odd image of two figures facing each other with their hair connected, one red and one blue, again with a slightly different art style.
  • Scrapped versions of the waiting room in the Mall, one with an unused picture on the wall.
  • Photographs of the ocean, one at day and the other at night, although these could be test images.
  • An unused White Desert background, seemingly to the left of where the Severed Heads appear. Another box can be seen on the left of the screen and in the background is a two headed creature with tendrils growing from its hair, what appears to be a Japanese character for a face, and also seems to be wearing some sort of collared shirt.

    Another unused White Desert background.

  • A second unused White Desert background: on the left there is a doorway in a wall, and coming from it a path that leads to the right of the screen. An Escher like 'box' is present in the background, appearing like a doorway or chute. On the left, there is a one eyed creature of some kind with 2 eyes above it against a red plain.
  • In the files for version 0.06 there are various 'card' thumbnails for some effects, consisting of images of each effect in a red border. These may have been intended for a 'portrait' based effect selection system, rather than a traditional RPG Maker menu, but ultimately scrapped.

    A card for the Lamp effect.