I'm just here to do stuff. I'm trying to help build this wiki into completion and make it look professional, because I think it deserves it. Yume Nikki's an odd little game, and I think more people should know about it.

I'm a bit of a stickler for tidiness and consistency. I'm gradually working through the wiki to make it all neat, so I'll sometimes modify some of the things you write to make it all fit, but I appreciate the help and encourage people to make edits. We're a long way from being done.

As the only active sysop here I'll be the one deleting all the junk and messing with the style and settings, but that doesn't mean I'm the boss or anything. Please do feel free make edits to my contributions if you see something wrong.

Oh yeah - Although I'm British, I usually try to write in American English to reduce ambiguity for the majority of the audience, but don't be surprised if stuff slips through the net - like forgetting to remove the 'u' in colour and dropping serial commas.

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