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Wheelies are NPCs found in the Number World.

There are four types of Wheelies, all of which share human-like legs and a wheel shaped 'head'.

The first is red with facial features that most resembles a face out of the four. It starts out in the north-western corner of the map.

The second is blue-green with some sort of design involving a ring connecting three diamond shapes and surrounding a fourth. It spawns in the north-eastern corner of the map

The third is dark pinkish with a single eye. Many instances of this type flood the Stabbing Room.

The fourth is lime green with two red pupiled, misshapen eyes placed diagonally from each other, and a splotch of some kind that may be a nose. It guards the door to the Stabbing Room.


The Wheelies mostly display the standard reactions to the Knife, Cat, and Stoplight effects. However, their sprites will change slightly in response to the Cat effect (with the exception of the fourth), and will change drastically in response to the Stoplight effect.