White Desert BGM

The White Desert (モノ, Mono) is an area reachable from Mafurako in the Block World. It is populated by a large number of notable NPCs, including Monoko, Monoe, Takofuusen, and The Thing with the Quivering Jaw. It is such a huge area that it is divided into two sections, White Desert A and White Desert B.

Points of InterestEdit

White Desert AEdit

The desert's name is based off of its color - or rather, its lack thereof: Everything in the White Desert is entirely black and white, save for striking bits of red. Various limb-like objects protrude out of the surface, some moving when interacted with effects, similarly to Eyeball World, in which animated hands and eyes are on the ground.

Monoko can be found in a tunnel that has a horizontal path go through, using the Traffic Light effect will make her show her other appearance.

Killing the Dave Spector near the circular path tunnel will allow the player to access two places from that tunnel: going to the east entrance leads you to a large looping area with Monoe inside; going to the west entrance leads you to a path that has huge body parts coming out of the ground and a small house at the end which causes the Flying Heads event.

Stabbing the eye box has a one in thirty chance of teleporting the player to a small area filled with Eye People; getting back is done the same way. Not too far from there is a smiling tooth with two grasping hands that takes the player to Block World.

White Desert BEdit

The Dense Woods manhole leads to Roary Straw which has its appearance changed by how long you have been walking on the infinitely looping road. Climb up to the surface and you will be in a place that is surrounded by mountains with an entrance resembling a man's head. You can enter its right ear.

Entering the ear, you will be in a cave which has a single pathway. In the middle there is a huge monster which is known as the Brain Creature. Pressing and holding the up arrow key will make the camera pan up so you can see its full appearance. If you keep walking along the path you will come out from a Buddha's left ear, and meet a giant monster called The Thing with the Quivering Jaw.

If you came from the FC Dungeon, you will arrive at the Underground Lagoon which has a moving shadow arm. If you keep going up the stairway, you will be on the outside of the ring of mountains, which has nothing but a floating stair path and a tunnel near the entrance that has a path you can follow. Following the path will send you through a one way teleport to White Desert A's tunnel that is spraying lots of water.

From outside of the mountains, you can see the red tentacle from Roary Straw, but can't see the entrance that looks like a head in the center. The outside of White Desert B is potentially the most difficult location to reach without a walkthrough in this game. This is because you need to go through 2 different mazes: the Teleport Maze and the FC Dungeon.


  • The Block World
    • White Desert A - Interact with Mafurako until she takes you to the black gate
      • Monoko's Tunnel - Enter the long tunnel on the horizontal path
      • Monoe's Tunnel - Kill the Dave Spector near the circular path with the Knife, then enter the tunnel from the west
      • The White Desert Path - Kill the Dave Spector near the circular path, then enter the tunnel from the east
      • The Eye Box - 1/30 chance of being transported when you stab the Eye Box with the knife
  • FC World Dungeon
    • White Desert Underground Lagoon
      • White Desert B
        • White Desert A (One Way) - Follow the path from the steps into the tunnel