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The Witch's Island is a small area only accessible from the Traincar. It is made up of a bunch out islands featuring many trees (like the Dense Woods) and a small boardwalk section with many odd structures. The Witch effect can be obtained from here, and the music features very unsettling sounds of rushing water and distorted synthesizers, making for an eerie appearance.

Points of Interest[]

To get here, Madotsuki must trigger an event from the traincar. Upon entering the area the player will see many Nopperabou Witches, who do not react to many effects. Down the bottom, is the start of the boardwalk. This stretches for several screens with many interesting formations and characters in the water, such as Dekishi-san and Kisu-Tenmetsu. On the other side of it is the main island featuring the red-eyed Kimajo. If Madotsuki interacts with it, she will get the Witch effect.

There's also a 1/16 chance that a character resembling Mars-san named Tasei's Kid will appear in the lake of this island.