This page lists all of the pages that the Yume Nikki Wiki needs before it is complete.
Ideas for future pages that have yet to be created go here.

Although the wiki technically comes with a Wanted page built in, it tends to list all pages with broken links instead of pages that the wiki actually needs. We don't really need more help pages and stuff.

A page for each individual CharacterEdit

The List of Characters page lists all characters in the game, bar none (well - it depends what you consider to be characters). Some of them have their page already, but many are still just footnotes.

Many Characters will also need names, but it's OK to create the page under the 'Unnamed' moniker for the time being.


  • Most infoboxes on the character pages need reformatting to the standardised {{infobox character}} code.

The Soundtrack pageEdit


  • Add links to the respective files in each of their locations pages (as has been done on the Aztec Rave Monkey Article).



Some people are into that sort of thing, so galleries of Fan art could be a good addition to the Wiki, as long as the images are properly credited.
Find all the best Artworks you can and compile them all here!
Uboachan might be a good place to start.

  • Category:Fan Art - Possibly add links to the Fan Art section of articles for people looking for Art of a specific subject?

A coverage (and tutorial) page for RPG Maker 2003Edit

I guess this would be worth covering. RPG Maker is widely known through games such as Yume Nikki, and it's the engine most people use to make fan games, so it seems reasonable that it should be covered here. Showing people how it works would be useful.

Sprite sheets/Background imagesEdit

A page for in-game Yume Nikki artwork and graphics.

Developing the Theories page into a category of more specific pagesEdit

For example separate pages evaluating the significance of hands, aztec imagery, violence and such.
The theories page is a fucking mess, and is the only page on this wiki I haven't actually even read. With work it could become a flagship article or whatever.

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